Capitol Campus Employee Parking Fees

Enterprise Services maintains more than 6,000 parking stalls located in 28 locations, providing employee, visitor and vendor/service access. Parking stalls range from agency assigned reserved stalls, general access for state employees who pay to park in a campus lot, and visitor-only metered stalls. The parking system is a mix of garages, surface parking lots and on-street parking.

In July 2017, DES increased parking fees to meet the cost demands of parking on the Capitol Campus. Fees are set at a level needed to meet the financial requirements of the State Capitol Campus to pay our operating and capital expenses. As these costs increase, we must make adjustments to meet these financial requirements.

Parking fees pay for the operation and maintenance of garages and lots, and contribute to some, but not all, capital projects.


Contact the DES Parking Office at (360) 725-0030 or email us at

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