Engineering & Architectural Services (E&AS)

Engineering and Architectural Services understands that as a government agency we use many abbreviations in our documents and may use terms that are unfamiliar to our clients and business partners.

We have compiled a list of the most common abbreviations and definitions used in our documents for your convenience. If you would like an abbreviation or specific definition added to this list, please contact

A/E Reference File The Architecture/Engineer (A/E) Reference File is a central file used to select consultants based on qualifications for public works projects under $150,00 in estimated fees.
Energy Services Proposal (ESP) A written report describing the client agency’s facility and those buildings and/or systems that will receive ESCO equipment and services.
Geographic Proximity Defined area for a specific project, usually within a particular state mileage radius as determined by the project manager in consultation with the client agency.
Major Projects  
Minor Works Projects  
On-Call List  
Outreach Plan In accordance to the ’Consultant Selection MWBE Outreach Plan Criteria’.
Performance Contracting Contracts for which payment is conditional upon achieving contractually specified savings.
Phase I  
Phase II  
Pre-Selection Informational Session Informational meetings held by the E&AS Project Manager working with the Agency representative, that allows interested parties an opportunity to view the project site, receive information, and ask questions prior to bidding.
Previous Performance  
Project Understanding and Approach  
Qualifications of Key Personnel  
Rank Order Numeric order of final scoring of submittals or oral interviews by the selection panel from highest score to lowest score.
Relevant Experience Direct experience for the advertised project type, preferably in the last five years.
Selection Criteria Weighted evaluation categories used to determine the most qualified firms for a particular project.
Small Works Roster Listing of State of Washington licensed contractors for projects under $300,000.
WEBS Washington Electronic Business Enterprises is an Internet vendor registration and bid notification system that allows vendors to register to receive government bid notifications.