Washington State, as an employer of choice, promotes a workplace where all employees, volunteers, interns, and those we interface with experience an environment that fosters mutual respect and professionalism. We are all responsible for contributing to such an environment and are expected to treat others with courtesy, dignity, and respect. If you witness or hear about a potential violation of policy, law, and other concerns it is you and the Department of Enterprises (DES) Human Resources (HR) that have a role.


Individuals may reach out to a trusted supervisor, manager, or colleague to discuss circumstances of an incident they observed or experienced. While it will depend on the circumstances surrounding such an event, this may allow for an informal response. Certain instances will require a formal investigation to be opened by DES HR. Such events may include but are not limited to claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, and illegal activity.

Anonymous Complaints

If you or the agency receives an anonymous complaint that brings forth allegations that warrant concern, this should be immediately reported up to your assigned HR Business Partner. Anonymous complaints will be taken seriously, and will be investigated to the best of our ability depending on the extent of information available and our ability to follow through with that information.

HR Liaison Role

In your role as the agency's HR Liaison to DES HR, employees may approach you with information that leads you to believe there is a concern with discrimination, harassment and other workplace issues. We encourage you to perform an intake using the established Personnel Incident Form. Once the intake form has been completed and submitted, DES HR will be in contact for next steps.

If the employee feels uncomfortable reporting to their HR Liaison it is then encouraged they report to the agency's Appointing Authority or directly to their assigned HR Business Partner.

If you have any questions, please contact your HR Business Partner.

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