Infants at Work


The State of Washington’s goal is to become an Employer of Choice. To do so, agencies must be able to identify ways to support employees and work-life balances. The infants at work program allows for greater options for eligible employees who need or want to return to work after the birth or adoption placement of their infant.

Why Infants at Work?

Allowing eligible employees to bring infants into the workplace benefits the agency and the employee in that it allows for more continuity of work, decreases time-loss, supports a positive work-life balance, and increases employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Who can Participate?

Agency participation in the program is restricted to parents and their infant who is between 6 weeks to 6 months old from a single birth or their infants from a multiple birth. Parents may not bring children of other ages into the workplace under the program. There should be no safety hazards or concerns to the parent or infant and there is limited disruption in the workplace.

Policy Development

For policy assistance, please contact Laurie Pate at or your assigned DES Human Resources Business Partner.