Printing and Imaging Inserting Services

​Our automated equipment will quickly insert up to six folded mail pieces into #9 or #10 standard mailing envelopes, seal the envelopes and apply metered postage to each mail piece. If necessary, our mailing staff will insert large or non-standard items into the appropriate type of envelope by hand.

Our intelligent inserting equipment is able to read barcodes printed on each mail piece to obtain information about the length of the document and which inserts are to be included with it. This means we can insert items with variable page counts for each recipient automatically while ensuring that only the information specific to the addressee is included in each envelope. Running at speeds up to 8000 pieces per hour, automatic inserters accurately complete even the most complicated mailings faster than ever before.

CASS-certified Address Sortation and Verification

Your electronic address data is carefully sorted and verified before it is used to send out your mailing. We use special postal software certified by the US Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to verify the completeness of your addresses, sort the data in zip-code order and add the barcodes needed to qualify for postage discounts. As a result, you receive the lowest postage rates available and the peace of mind of knowing your addresses are as complete and accurate as possible.


After your data has been processed, it is sent to our inkjet addressing equipment. The machines print the addresses and corresponding barcodes directly onto the mail piece at a rate of up to 5000 pieces per hour. In addition, we can imprint each piece with a mail permit or a line of attention-getting text to your specifications.

For small-quantity mailings, it is often more cost-effective for us to apply adhesive address labels to each mail piece by hand. If we can produce your job at a lower cost by printing labels from your address files, we will output the addresses after they have been verified and zip-code sorted in the mailing data center. If you wish, you may furnish pre-printed address labels with your mailing order, but you may need to pay a higher postage rate because we will not be able to apply barcodes to the mail pieces.