How to Perform a Press Check

Press checks give you the opportunity to approve the overall color, ink coverage and other print quality issues as your job comes off the press. Four-color process jobs, documents with large areas of solid color and items that require an exact color match often require a press check.

Press check tips

Concentrate on print quality when you perform your press check. Issues such as page layout, color separation and the location of graphics should have been corrected earlier, when you checked your initial proofs.

When you arrive for your press check, expect to find a press sheet ready for your inspection. The pressroom staff will work with you to make sure the printed piece meets your expectations.

The following are a few key details to keep in mind when performing a press check:

  • Overall look: Scan the entire press sheet in color-corrected light to evaluate the general quality.
  • Paper: Is the job printed on the right paper with the correct finish, color and weight?
  • Inks: Do the printed colors match those in a Pantone ink book or other printed items in a series?
  • Proof: Is everything on your proof included on the printed sheet? Have all the changes you requested been made?
  • Register: Are ink colors in the right places? Do colors line up correctly and create crisp edges?
  • Color balance: Is the ink density consistent across the sheet?
  • Details: Are there any flaws in the printing such as broken type, scratches or stray marks on the sheet?


Your graphic designer, the press operator and your Customer Service Representative (CSR) will gladly help you check print quality by expressing their opinions and concerns. If you have questions about press checks, please contact your customer service representative.