For questions related specifically to Small Agency Financial Services, contact us directly by mail, phone, fax, or email:

Department of Enterprise Services
Small Agency Financial Services

P.O. Box 41465
Olympia, WA 98504-1465
Phone: 360-280-3110
Fax: 360-586-0055

Department of Enterprise Services
Small Agency Human Resources

P.O. Box 41407
Olympia, WA 98504-1407
Phone: 360-902-7490
Fax: 360-507-9249

Shared email boxes - Know where to send your documents / questions

​Item Email Address
Payroll documents
HR documents
​Accounts payable documents
Accounts payable questions
Travel documents​
Cashier and Accounts Receivable documents

Small Agency Financial Services Team

Ashley Howard Chief Financial Officer ​360-407-8159
Kai Matthews Director of Accounting Services 360-635-1634
Gwen McClanahan Financial Services Manager 360-407-8132
Louisa Wilkes Payroll Manager​ ​360-490-7288
Whitney Bannish Accounts Payable Manager ​360-801-7345
Kara Skinner Accounts Receivable ​Manager ​​360-407-8298
Barb May ​Administrative Assistants ​360-790-7177
Diann Lewallen Senior Financial Consultant 360-407-8121
Paul Bitar Senior Financial Consultant 360-407-8129
Seth Flory Senior Financial Consultant 360-407-8165
Bret Skipworth Senior Financial Consultant 360-890-6657
Bona Brewer Payroll Supervisor 360-480-7052
Vanno Non Lead Payroll Analyst / Garnishments 360-480-0037
Ami Hollingsworth Payroll Analyst 360-870-6657
Phuong Luong Benefits Specialist 360-870-6134
Erica Williamson Out of State Tax Specialist 360-801-7135
Kayla Preble Payroll Analyst / Shared Leave 360-801-2383
Grace Yi Verification of Employment 360-407-2239
Treyson Ramos Retirement Specialist 360-407-8038
Accounts Payable
Ian Shelley Payables Supervisor 360-489-5779
Ryan Kirchhof Lead Accounting Analyst 360-489-5779
Norma Rosado Lead Accounting Analyst 360-489-2779
Bryn Parker ​Accounting Analyst 360-791-9818
Kira Faught Accounting Analyst 360-407-8535
Riley Hyland Accounting Analyst 360-489-2254
​Accounts Receivable​​
Betti Bartoldo Receivables Supervisor ​360-277-7114
Crystal Marshall Accounting Analyst​ 360-277-7229
Jeffrey Wilhelm Accounting Analyst​ 360-628-3418
Vacant Cash Receipts Specialist  
Sarah Palazzo Cash Receipts Specialist 360-407-9239

Small Agency Human Resources Team

See Human Resources contact information on the Agency Assignments webpage.