Amazon Business New Account Simple Setup Guide

This is a simple set up guide for Amazon business. Learn about how to get started and how to add users to your account.

Who should use this guide?

This guide is for organizations that have signed up to be part of the state Amazon Business program and:

  • Have a small number of users (generally fewer than 10).
  • Do not need to organize users into groups.

If this does not reflect your organization’s needs, follow the directions on the Amazon Business New Account Advanced Setup Guide.

How to get started

After signing up for Amazon Business, create a list of email addresses of users in your organization who will use this program. Each purchaser will be assigned a permission level.

Tip: We recommend each organization designate at least two administrators. If you do not already have two, consider making one of your users an “administrator, requisitioner.”

After compiling your list and defining roles, let your users know about the transition to Amazon Business.

Add people to your business account

Add people to your business account to enable them to place orders on behalf of your organization.

Manage users

From the People page, administrators can manage the roles, groups, and approval policies associated with different users. You can also view who has accepted your invitations to join Amazon Business.

Get help

Amazon Business maintains a comprehensive help guide.

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