Engineering & Architectural Services (E&AS)

Engineering and Architectural Services values transparency in government. To assist in this endeavor, we list the policies, processes and guidelines that we operate under. Please note that these policies and procedures pertain only to the E&AS program and do not apply to other areas of DES.


1. Authority

1.1 Writing E&AS Policies & Procedures (Policy)

1.2 Writing E&AS Policies & Procedures (Procedure)

2. Project Initiation

2.2 Project Numbering

3. Project Management Planning & Review


4. Professional Services

4.10 A/E Selection Process Policy & Procedures
- A/E Consultant Selection Form (on-call, small, and large projects)
- A/E Consultant Selection Form (design-build projects)
- A/E Consultant Selection Form (GC/CM projects)

4.20 Reimbursable Work (Policy) coming soon

5. Design-Bid-Build

5.11 Supplemental Bidder Responsibility Criteria (Policy)

5.30 Distributing Bid Documents to Plan Centers (Policy)

5.40 Evaluating Competitive Sealed Bids (Policy) coming soon

5.40.1 Breaking Bid Ties (Policy)

5.40.2 Breaking Bid Ties (Procedure)

5.50 Project Construction Closeout (Policy)

6. Design-Build

6.10 Design Build Responsibility Criteria Development (coming soon)

6.20 Design Build Selection Policy (currently being revised)

7. General Contractor/Construction Manager (GCCM)

  • Conditions of the Agreement

8. Job Order Contracting (JOC)

  • Southwest Region JOC Manual

  • Northwest Region JOC Manual

  • Eastern Region JOC Manual

  • Statewide Region JOC Manual

9. Emergency Contracts

9.1 Public Works Emergency Contracts

10. Energy Performance Contracting

10.1 ESCO Pre-Qualification Selection Process (Policy)

10.2 ESCO Selection Process (Policy)

11. Claims and Disputes


12. Safety

12.10 Construction Site Job Safety (Policy) coming soon


13. EAS General Office Requirements

13.5 Professional Association Dues (Policy)

13.5.1 Professional Association Dues (Procedure)

13.10 Project Document Archival

13.10.1 Project Document Archival (procedure) coming soon

13.10.2 Filing Documents into Master Files (Policy) coming soon

13.10.3 Computer Aided Design (CAD) Project Drawings (Policy)

13.40 Travel coming soon

13.40.1 Vehicle Use & Responsibilities (Procedure)

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