Loss Prevention Program

Loss prevention in state law

  • RCW 43.19.760(3) expresses the state policy 'to eliminate or delete conditions and practices which contribute to loss whenever practical.'
  • RCW 43.19.766 requires the Office of Risk Management (ORM) of DES 'to make recommendations when appropriate to state agencies on the application of prudent safety, security, loss prevention, and loss minimization methods so as to reduce or avoid risk or loss.'
  • RCW 43.19.781(2) directs state agencies to “provide top management support and commitment to safety and loss control, and develop awareness through education, training, and information sharing.”

What is the loss prevention program?

RCW 43.19.781(2) directs ORM to establish a coordinated safety and loss control program to:

  • Reduce liability exposure, safeguard state assets, and reduce costs associated with state liability and property losses;
  • Develop and maintain centralized loss history information to identify and analyze risk (confidential and reported only to appropriate agencies);
  • Develop methods of statistically monitoring agency and statewide effectiveness in controlling losses;
  • Routinely review agency loss control programs as appropriate to suggest improvements, and observe and recognize successful safety policies and procedures; and
  • Provide small agency loss control assistance as needed.

What are the program’s goals?

  • The Loss Prevention Program provides a variety of services, training, and consultation to assist Washington state agencies, boards, commissions, and institutions of higher education to assist in preventing or reducing loss. 
  • Develop and implement statewide policies and programs designed to identify and reduce the likelihood and/or impact of major exposures.


For questions, contact Leslie Atkinson, ERM/Loss Prevention Program Manager at 360-480-9065.