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Work Management Center

The Work Management Center is the main facilities dispatch center for the State Capitol Campus and process work requests, provides information relating to utility outages or digging permits, and resolves billing questions. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. If you have questions regarding work activity or need to request services, contact the Work Management Center at 360-725-0000, email at or the Facilities Service Request system. The Work Management Center phone is staffed on nights, weekends and holidays through the campus powerhouse staff, which will coordinate the response for facility emergencies.

Services Provided

The Department of Enterprise Services provides maintenance and repair services on the Capitol Campus and elsewhere in Thurston County. Facility services are performed by Maintenance & Operations, Building Automation, Custodial, Cardkey and Locksmith, and the Parking Programs. These groups are supported by the Asset Management and Engineering & Architectural Services Programs. Additional information about facility activities and the funded level of service is found in tenant lease or occupancy agreements and the Capitol Campus Standard Services. For the most up-to-date information about facility services please refer to those documents or contact your Asset Manager/Building Manager.

Facility maintenance, operations, and repair services by DES staff on the State Capitol Campus and elsewhere in Thurston County includes the following:

  • Carpentry (Doors, Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Windows)
  • Controls (HVAC, Fire Suppression, Water Detection)
  • Custodial Services (Cleaning, Janitorial, Solid Waste Removal & Recycling)
  • Electrical (Equipment, Distribution)
  • Environmental (Air Quality, Fire Inspection, Spill Response)
  • Grounds (Lawns, Plantings, Trees, Parks)
  • Mechanical (Plumbing, Pumps, Fans, Motors)
  • Painting (Interior Common Spaces, Exterior)
  • Pest Control (Indoor, Outdoor)
  • Powerhouse (Steam and Chilled Water)
  • Security (Building Access, Cameras)

Elevator maintenance and repair, law enforcement, window washing, and a variety of other services are provided by external vendors and coordinated by DES staff.

Basic facility services do not include install, maintenance and repair of tenant-only or specialized equipment such as computer/data room cooling, dehumidifiers and emergency generators. DES provides installation, maintenance and repair of this kind of equipment on a reimbursable basis. In addition, base facility services are provided on standard maintenance schedules within available resources. Providing this maintenance ahead of schedule is done on a reimbursable basis (e.g., painting building common areas each year instead of the funded level of service). For more information about reimbursable requests, please visit the Project Management, Alterations & Additions page. To submit reimbursable requests please use the Facilities Service Request.

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