How to Submit Word or Publisher Files

Printing issues with business software files

Files created with business software often output differently when sent to a printer other than the one at your desk. This means you may experience challenges if you submit your Word or Publisher files to the DES Printing and Imaging without converting them to PostScript or Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). The following are two of the most common issues seen when office software files are sent to the Copy Centers:

  • Text re-flow:
    Text re-flow happens when a document is sent to a printer with different printer-driver software than the one that was used when the job was created. As a result of small variations in translating the file into the language the printer uses, lines of text will break at different locations and your document will print with unexpected section and page breaks.
  • Font substitution:
    Unless all the fonts used in your document are included with the job files, the digital printing equipment may replace any fonts that aren’t installed on the printer with the closest available alternative – usually Courier. If the printer substitutes a font with different spacing than the original font, the text will re-flow.

To avoid these issues, we recommend saving your documents as pdf files.