Local Government Self-Insurance

The Local Government and Nonprofit Self-Insurance (LGSI) Program provides approval and oversight of the following programs:


Our mission is to protect taxpayer resources by ensuring that local government and nonprofit self-insurers are informed about the program's financial condition, participate in decisions which affect insurance services for members and employees, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations designed to foster financially sound management practices. Our mission is accomplished through:

  • Review and approval of new programs and continuing review of approved programs.
  • Collection of financial, membership and key data annually allows continuous monitoring of the programs between reviews.

Annual Reporting

Beginning September 1, 2016, the Local Government and Nonprofit Self-Insurance Program began collecting data electronically using the Self Insurance Portal (SIP).

The process is quick and easy. On-line videos provide training to assist you in filing your reports. We are also available by telephone or on site if needed to help you with this process.

You will receive an immediate response letting you know whether the program is in compliance with solvency requirements.

Once filed, your documents and reports will be stored electronically and will be available for your future reference.

An account has been set up for you, and you should have received an invitation to set up your password. If you lose or forget your password, you can change your password through the self-service feature of the Self Insurance Portal.

Log in to the Self Insurance Portal

To see a training demonstration, click on the links below:

Health and Welfare Combined Benefits Report Video

Health and Welfare Single Benefit Report Video

Property and Liability Programs


The LGSI program is funded through annual assessments paid by each approved program. Costs of reviews and investigations are based on the actual time and expense incurred.


Prior to June 30, 2010, two advisory boards assisted the State Risk Manager in adopting rules and establishing examination fees and annual assessments. While these boards were eliminated in the 2009-2010 legislative session, stakeholder groups have been formed to continue communications between the State Risk Manager and the self-insured entities.

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