Request an Estimate

Download our Printing Estimate Request Form and email it to our customer service group.

Many times the first step in getting a job printed is getting approval for its cost.

Our printing estimates are produced by calculating the cost of the labor necessary to complete a job, and adding the cost of the materials involved. The accuracy of the estimate depends on whether all the factors involved in completing the job have been included in the estimate calculations. That’s why it is vital that you provide complete and accurate specifications on your estimate request.

When requesting estimates, please plan the job as completely as possible, and include information such as:

  • Quantity to be printed
  • Page count/number of ink colors to be used
  • Weight and description of paper
  • Method of providing material (hard copy, InDesign file, PDF, etc.)
  • Binding type
  • Special shipping instructions

In some cases, seemingly insignificant details, such as whether the printed image bleeds off the edge of the paper, can have a significant impact on the estimated price. You can help ensure the most accurate estimate by providing a sample layout with the estimate request.

If you would like to receive an estimate before proceeding with an order you may submit an electronic request by filling out the estimate request form on-line, fax us your own version of an estimate request form or feel free to contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR).

How to complete the Request for Printing Estimate form?

We know you rely on accurate estimates when budgeting your printing costs, and we strive to provide the most reliable cost estimates possible. Since the accuracy of estimates depends on complete specifications, it’s important that the request for estimate communicates your plans clearly. The DES Printing and Imaging Request for Printing Estimate Form is a useful tool in ensuring that our estimators receive all the information they need to furnish you with a reliable estimate.

Request for Printing Estimate Forms are available at our main plant. Please contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR). They will be happy to fax or mail you copies of the form.