Procurement Risk Assessment

We are the statewide authority for all state purchases of goods and services. We delegate purchasing authority for goods and services to state agencies based on a procurement risk assessment.

Our assessment has three goals:

  1. To provide each agency with procurement authority that has been tailored to fulfill its mission.
  2. To learn how each agency manages the risks associated with its procurement and contract management.
  3. To provide coaching to agencies to improve their procurement and contract management practices.

The risk assessment includes:

  • Confirmation that agency staff completed procurement training.
  • Examination of audit history and findings from the State Auditor.
  • A review of the agency’s procurement practices:
    • Requests for additional delegated authority
    • Requests for exemptions/exceptions
    • Requests for sole source contract approval
    • Notification of emergency contracts
    • Using WEBS
    • Solicitation protest history
    • Compliance with procurement laws, policies, executive orders and rules
    • The agency’s reported contracts

The risk assessment process

We assess agencies’ risk as high, medium-high, medium-low, or low.

  • High- and medium-risk agencies complete an in-depth assessment tool.
  • Low-risk agencies complete a streamlined assessment checklist.

Our analysts review each agency’s assessment and then have a discussion with the agency to confirm their analysis of the agency’s procurement risk management processes.

After the discussion, we determine the agency’s risk level and determine what delegated purchase authority the agency is authorized to have.

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This policy applies whenever an agency purchases or leases goods and/or services under Chapter 39.26 RCW. The goal is to provide each agency with authority that is tailored to fulfill the agency’s mission.

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