Procurement Risk Assessment

We are the statewide authority for all state purchases of goods and services. We delegate purchasing authority for goods and services to state agencies based on a procurement risk assessment.

We updated the risk assessment process to achieve these goals:

  1. Improve the efficiency of the process to be able to assess agencies’ delegated authority in a timely manner.
  2. More clearly define and communicate how the risk assessment is administered so agencies better understand the process and how we use the information.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction with the process.

The updated risk assessment project for 2024

The project will include:

  • Contract audits: We will select 3-6 contracts per agency. The selection will focus on:
    • Agency contracts that should have applied supplier diversity and environmental policies.
    • Topics where the agency demonstrated a substantial lack of compliance with procurement laws and policies.
    • Solicitations that vendors have protested.
  • Enterprise procurement policy compliance: Although the 2024 assessment will have an emphasis on supplier diversity and environmental policy compliance, we will also review compliance with the other enterprise procurement policies and related laws.
  • Substantial compliance: The assessment will include a compliance threshold for each policy. The level of compliance will inform the delegated authority action -- remain unchanged, increase, or decrease, which can be customized for each policy as it pertains to the mission and goals of an agency.
  • Continuous improvement: The assessment will set a baseline for agencies’ overall procurement compliance, identifying risk areas that may need follow-up, and will test the process of contract auditing for successful outcomes.

April 4, 2024 Policy Workshop information

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This policy applies whenever an agency purchases or leases goods and/or services under Chapter 39.26 RCW. The goal is to provide each agency with authority that is tailored to fulfill the agency’s mission.

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