LinkedIn Learning Administrators Toolkit

If you are an employer who has already purchased LinkedIn Learning licenses for your employees, then the resources on this page are for you. This page offers tools and information to help you assist your employees in getting the most out of your LinkedIn Learning investment. If you are interested in learning more about purchasing LinkedIn Learning licenses, please visit our main LinkedIn Learning page.

Technical Support

Live and On-Demand Webinars

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Helpful videos for LinkedIn Learning Administrators

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General questions

What is a LinkedIn Learning Administrator?

LinkedIn Learning Administrators are appointed at the agency level and manage learner’s subscriptions, assign groups, curate and recommend content, and measure learning activity through analytics and reporting. They are the first-level administrative support for employee LinkedIn issues. To get started as a LinkedIn Learning Administrator you will need to be assigned permissions. Afterwards, sign in to LinkedIn Learning or click on the Learning link within your LinkedIn account. Click Go to Admin in the upper right corner of the Learning homepage.

What does LinkedIn Learning have to offer?

LinkedIn Learning is one of the largest eLearning platforms in the world and offers over 16,000 Business, Design & Tech Online Courses to help employees learn and grow. Learn more about course topics on LinkedIn Learning.

Unlimited access

Participants will have unlimited access to courses, on topics such as leadership, management skills, workplace communications skills, project management, software training, and more. Courses range from short videos to in-depth trainings. Learn about several ways to view courses.

What is the difference between LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a separate entity from the LinkedIn social platform, but the two websites connect with each other. LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals to share their career achievements and network with their industry. LinkedIn Learning is a site for professional education and skill advancement.

Connecting a LinkedIn Learning License Account to a Personal LinkedIn Account

Connecting a LinkedIn Learning License account to a personal LinkedIn account is possible, but it is strongly discouraged. DES observes a high volume of login errors when the two accounts are linked together. Additionally, any personal LinkedIn account content may be subject to a public records request. Learners are not required to have a LinkedIn account in order to have a LinkedIn Learning license.

How do I activate accounts?

As an administrator, you can purchase licenses and add users to groups. Once the license is purchased LinkedIn Learning will send the user an email with an activation link. This link is personalized to the recipient and should not be shared with others in the organization. The user will need to click on the activation link in this email to start their login process.

If a learner activates using a LinkedIn profile, what can the employer have access to?

Even if a learner chooses to activate their account using a personal LinkedIn profile, that's okay. LinkedIn Learning won't share personal information (such as job search history, connection request, in emails, etc.) with the employer. Employers will have access to a record only of LinkedIn Learning course viewings.

Courses and certifications

What certifications & continuing education units/professional development units are offered through LinkedIn Learning?

View a list of certifications & continuing education units available through LinkedIn Learning.

Don't forget to check back a few times a year as LinkedIn Learning is regularly adding new content and new partnerships to expand this area of LinkedIn offering.

How often are new courses added?

New courses are added to the platform every single week (every Monday to be precise). LinkedIn Learning adds approximately 30-70 new courses weekly, so check back often.

How do I create and track learning paths?

Leverage learning by taking advantage of over 100 learning paths on a variety of topics, curated by LinkedIn Learning, or create your own learning path.

How can I see when new courses are added?

There are a few ways to see the new courses that are added. First, subscribe to the LinkedIn learning blog. Every Monday an article will be sent to you that lists new course titles added that week. Second, your homepage content recommendations will show you the newest and most popular courses. Lastly, click on the "sort by" drop-down at the top right of a search through the search bar and click "newest." It will show you the newest courses on that topic first.