Energy Project Management Services

The Energy Program uses experience and expertise to provide project oversight, contract management and administration.

Our Energy Program professionals:

  • Collaborate on project development
  • Provide guidance during facility walkthroughs
  • Represent the client’s interests in the project
  • Participate in the development of project scope and costs
  • Manage project expectations
  • Present technical information to decision makers
  • Review project invoices for the owner
  • Review annual ESCO measurement and verification reports
  • Manage the ESCO selection

We contract with qualified Energy Service Companies (ESCO) to deliver the best value for our customers.

Our partner ESCO’s:

  • Identify project opportunities
  • Design, install, and commission
  • Provide financing options
  • Coordinate utility incentives and grant opportunities
  • Guarantee maximum project cost, equipment performance, and energy savings

How to get started

Clients participating in this program will enter into an Interagency Agreement (IAA) with the DES Energy Program and are able to select an Energy Service Company (ESCO) from the Master Contract directly without the traditional RFP/RFQ and bid process.

For more information, refer to our Energy Performance Contracting Process Description.

To request ESCO services, visit the Request our Services page.

View our partner ESCOs.