Risk Management Contacts

Department of Enterprise Services
Office of Risk Management
1500 Jefferson Street SE
MS: 41466
Olympia, WA 98504-1466

Office of Risk Management

Jason Siems, State Risk Manager ​360-742-6348
Melynda Campbell, Executive Assistant to State Risk Manager 360-407-8137
Karin Williams, Customer Service Specialist ​360-407-9199
Kim Haggard, Program Specialist (Commercial Insurance) 360-280-6962
Tiffany Gowon, Program Specialist (Commercial Insurance) 360-701-3487
Leslie Atkinson, ERM/Loss Prevention Program Manager 360-480-9065
Grady Williamson, Senior Case Manager ​360-407-8827
Douglas Green, Case Manager 360-801-6633
​​Greg Pressel, Tort Claim Investigator ​360-338-8023
​​Cory Hawbaker, Tort Claim Investigator 360-972-4628
Michael Heidemann, Tort Claim Investigator 360-584-2471
Tuan Hoang, RMIS Administrator/Analyst ​360-701-5412
Thanh Ly, Management Analyst 360-890-6991​
Cindy Palm, Tort & Sundry Claims Specialist 360-791-8740
Jemmea Smalley, Tort & Sundry Claims Specialist 360-791-8494
Diana Timmons, Tort & Sundry Claims Specialist 360-791-6142
Taylor Hildebrand, Tort & Sundry Claims Specialist 360-628-2438
Shannon Stuber, Director, Local Government Self Insurance Program 360-280-4280