Fleet Cards

Use a fleet card to simplify fuel expense tracking and make buying fuel and vehicle repairs easy if you drive or lease a vehicle from the state's fleet.

Benefits of using a fleet card

A fleet card makes refueling easy for drivers. It also makes several things easier for your agency’s fiscal staff, such as:

  • Consolidating onsite and retail fuel transactions into one comprehensive report to make tracking fuel expenses much easier.
  • Reducing the amount of time, effort, and administrative costs involved in tracking fuel expenditures for your agency.
  • Providing another layer of purchase controls to reduce misuse and abuse risks for your agency.

Get a fleet card

  1. Sign a statewide master contract usage agreement and send the required forms to michael.lix@des.wa.gov.
  2. Complete the fuel card services agreement (credit application).
  3. Complete the WEXOnline Terms & Conditions Click-Through Agreement.
  4. Our relationship manager will let you know if you also need to complete any of these forms:

Earn rebates with your agency’s fleet card

Fleet card users earn rebates based on how much money they spend with their cards. WEX calls these rebates “incentive shares.”

WEX uses a formula to calculate the rebate amount. Part of the formula uses “basis points,” which fluctuate slightly based on an incentive structure. 1 basis point typically equals about .01% of the amount spent. Rebate amounts are based on an agency’s total fuel purchases, minus write-offs and fraudulent charges.


Fleet card users are subject to the following fees:

  • Foreign transaction fee: 1.5% of the total transaction value
  • Overnight delivery fee: $15 per order

About the contract

The fleet card services contract is a multistate competitive procurement led by Washington state in collaboration with NASPO ValuePoint and participating states. The contract was awarded to WEX Bank effective Jan. 1, 2021, and ends in December 2025.

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