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Washington state organization employees are not allowed to manage contracts unless they meet training or certification requirements required by the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). Find out what contract and procurement trainings are required and recommended based on your job duties.

New required contract and procurement trainings

Three steps for purchasing in Washington state

Comply with your own organization's purchasing policies and procedures.

  1. Plan what you buy
  2. Plan who you buy from
    • Statewide contracts comply with socio-economic laws, policies, and executive orders.
  3. Plan how you buy

Required training by job duties

According to RCW 39.26.110, the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is authorized to require training for those responsible for any portion of the procurement process.

The director of DES, the contracts and procurement division, and the statewide Training Advisory Group (TAG) identify who is required to take which courses based on  job duties rather than job title.

We have categorized our required learners into five different audiences.

Find your required and recommended training by learner group

Find a complete explanation of trainings required by job duties.

  • Procurement Professionals: Those who participate in pre-award activities and write statements of work or solicitations.
  • Contract Managers and Monitors: Those who participate in post-award activities and don’t write statements of work or solicitations.
  • Small Purchasers: Those who make low risk purchases and don’t write statements of work or solicitations.
  • Executives: Those who authorize purchases and are considered executives within their organization. Typically these are directors, deputy directors, secretaries of department, presidents etc.
  • Public Partners: Those without access to the Learning Center (our LMS), businesses wanting to do business with Washington, counties, local municipalities, etc.

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