Electric Vehicles (EVs)

As a state fleet we are federally mandated to reduce our petroleum consumption by adopting new vehicle technology. Electric vehicles are just one of the many new and exciting ways Washington State is using to lead the fight against climate change & establishing energy independence.

Charging Electric Vehicles

Operating Electric Vehicles

Operating an EV is similar to using any standard automobile. Here are a few key differences you should know:

  1. Instead of plugging in at a fuel pump you will need to plug into an EV Charger.
  2. Advances in EV batteries have made traveling further much easier. Most EVs can make a 200 mile round trip every day.
  3. Get the most out of your EV with one pedal driving and regenerative braking.

For a chance to demo some of our battery electric vehicles (BEV), contact your Fleet Customer Account Representative at 360-664-9215 or email mpmail@des.wa.gov

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