State Contracts Assistance Network (SCAN)

The State Contracts Assistance Network (SCAN) is your partner in the state contracting journey. We connect small and diverse businesses like yours with organizations and tools to help you be more successful at working with the state.

What the State Contracts Assistance Network does

The state contracting process can seem overwhelming when you're getting started. This is especially true for many small and diverse businesses with limited time and resources. To help more of these businesses be successful when working with the state, the Procurement, Inclusion, and Equity (PIE) program created State Contracts Assistance Network.

In the spirit of the PIE program mission, SCAN teamed up with various organizations and programs to keep tearing down contracting barriers. Our partners in this work represent small and diverse businesses. They're helping us bring training, networking, and a helping hand to those who need it. Together, we're mentoring small and diverse businesses to be more successful when trying to work with Washington state.

How we support small and diverse business owners like you

We built the State Contracts Assistance Network from the ground up for business owners. With our partners, we can help you win more bids by:

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Reach out to our partner organizations to expand your business network. 

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Discover what goods and services agencies throughout the state are buying.

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If you need help getting started or finding the right partner to assist you, send us a message and we'll connect you to the best resources for your type of business.

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State Contracts Assistance Network (SCAN)