Preparing for Your Recruitment-Checklist

Below is a check list for recruiters that identifies the basic steps generally taken when preparing to recruit for a position. We’ve added some links to take you directly to additional tools and information. To decrease the time it takes to fill a position, many of these activities can be completed before you have a vacancy.

  • HR needs assessment completed; meets written policies and procedures of agency.
  • Job Analysis is completed; review of competencies and qualifications is done.
  • Current Position Description Form (PDF) (Word File) has been reviewed and updated.
  • Unique marketing features for the position, unit, agency have been identified e.g., flexible work schedule, great location, free parking, etc.
  • Run layoff report.
  • Check General Government Transition Pool.
  • Recruitment plan (Word File) is developed with timeline as required by WAC.
  • Marketing strategy is developed; plan to reach a diverse pool of candidates developed.
  • If this position is traditionally hard-to-fill, what specialized recruitment strategies will be used to attract hard-to-find qualified candidates?
  • Roles, recruitment tasks and timelines defined for each. oles, recruitment tasks and timelines defined for each.
  • Full recruitment required. Requisition, posting, publication, screening/assessment, certification with job seeker applying through


  • Limited recruitment required. Requisition, posting, publication on with job seeker sending applicant packet to agency contact.
  • Selection process identified.
  • If a large candidate pool is expected, use assessment tools (questionnaires, rating scales, etc) to refine the candidate list.

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