Register to use Surplus Property Disposal Request System (SMRS)

The Surplus Request Management System (SRMS) is an online tool through which registered government organizations create requests to have their surplus items re-distributed. As items reach the end of their usefulness for your organization, other organizations may find use for those items redistributed through our program.

For customers whose organization / agency already uses Surplus Operations' Services, see current customers section below.

For New Customers

To use the SRMS system, your organization will need to enter into a contract with Surplus Operations to use their services. You will need to send an email request to Surplus Operations. In the body of the email, include:

  • Name
  • Agency
  • Email
  • Phone

Upon approval, Surplus Operations will email you a contract for these services. This contract will need to be printed, signed by the entity at your organization who has signing authority (director, manager, etc.), scanned and returned by email to Surplus Request. Management will review the contract and a fully executed copy will be emailed back to you upon approval.

Once the contract is signed, approved, counter signed and returned to you, we will be able to create a profile for you in the SRMS system. When creating an access profile, a "rights" level needs to be assigned. There are three levels:

  • Entry – this gives user the right to create a surplus request document for the surplusing of goods, vehicles and equipment through the surplus system. This document will then need to go to a Submitter within your organization for approval before it is sent Surplus for processing.
  • Submit – this gives the user rights to create surplus lists and approving lists/submitting lists to Surplus for processing.
  • Read only – commonly used for audit purposes, allows user to see entered lists and submittals. If there is a question as to eligibility status or to inquire if they are already on a contract to use our service please contact Surplus Operations.

Watch the introduction to SRMS video

Current Customers

If your agency/organization already uses Surplus Operations’ Services, they may have a representative or an approver established that you must go through to request use of the SRMS. Here is a list of agencies that have a Surplus approver/representative established with Surplus Operations:

  • Corrections, Department of (DOC)
  • Services for the Blind, Department of (DSB)
  • Washington State Patrol (WSP)
  • Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
  • Veteran Affairs, Department of (DVA)
  • Social & Health Services, Department of (DSHS)
  • Labor & Industries, Department of (LNI)
  • Natural Resources, Department of (DNR)
  • Health Care Authority (HCA)
  • Health, Department of (DOH)
  • King County
  • Pierce County
  • Shoreline Community College
  • Bonneville Power Administration

If your agency is not on this list, but already uses Surplus Operations’ Services, they may also have an internal process for approving who can ask for access. It is best practice to consult current users of the system in your organization to confirm if any internal agency surplus procedures are required. Contact Surplus Operations if you do not know who your representative is.

Submitting Surplus Requests

To submit a surplus request you will need the following:

  • login and password
  • An Agency Authority Number (for your records)
  • Person of contact
  • List of items to be sent to Surplus
  • Physical location of the items
  • Comment- please use this section to let us know additional information such as:
    • Pallet counts
    • Specifics for the items location
  • create list of surplus items
  • send list to submitter for approval or to Surplus Operations if you are a submitter. Once Surplus Operations receives reviews and processes the document, the submitter and contact person will receive a system-generated e-mail with the Surplus Approval number and any further instructions specific to the document.

Once Surplus Request receives reviews and processes the document, the submitter and contact person will receive a system-generated e-mail with the Surplus Approval number and any further instructions specific to the document.

For further information on what to consider when surplusing items, visit our How to Surplus Your Items webpage. If you have further questions, email us at or call us at 360-407-2273.

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