The Human Resource Recruitment Team is here to help. DES Recruitment has a dedicated staff to coordinate and provide guidance and support throughout the hiring process. Recruiters work with hiring managers and provide expert consultation, practical tools and customized services to help you recruit the best talent.

This page is designed to provide clear guidance for effective consistent recruitment. This will ensure a transparent and fair process with clear communication of useful information on recruitment best practices. All recruitments and the hiring process for DES jobs are managed through the Online Recruitment System (OLRS). This is also referred to as NEOGOV.

Take Action

Where do I start?

To begin recruitment, you will need to submit the following required forms to your assigned HR Business Partner:

Once you provide these forms to your HR Business Partner, they will either work with you to establish and/or allocate the position or send the recruitment forms along to the recruitment team.

  1. Updated or new Position Description Form (PDF)
    • Select "Classification and Compensation," then select the position you're hiring for.
  2. Recruitment Request Form
Marketing my position - Where are good places to post?

Recruitments are posted on For additional advertising locations and strategies, refer to the links below. Note: All costs associated with additional advertising must be paid by your agency's budget.

How do I screen my candidates?

Please note, you will only receive applicants who pass the initial assessment unless you indicate otherwise to our recruiters.

How do I conduct interviews?
How do I conduct reference checks?
I am ready to hire - What is next?

Congratulations! Inform your final candidate of the offer. Be sure you are aware of the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act Guidance before engaging in salary negotiations. Once your candidate accepts, you will:

Tools and Resources