Accident Reporting

Here's how to report an accident if you are driving a vehicle own by a Washington state government agency.

All accidents resulting in property damage or injuries involving a state vehicle or your own vehicle while driving on state business must be reported to the Department of Enterprise Services, Office of Risk Management (DES ORM) within 48 hours of the incident per the Enterprise Transportation Policy 12.30.40(13) (formally SAAM Chapter 12).

What do I do if I have an accident?

Follow the Collision Reporting Procedures in the Enterprise-Wide Transportation Policy. Your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and other forms are located in your vehicle packet in the glove compartment.

I had a minor accident and there is no visible damage to my state vehicle. Do I still need to report it?

Yes. Any type of accident must be reported by filling out the CEI Group's accident report. There may be damages to the vehicle that you cannot see. You should also follow your agency's internal accident policy.

If my vehicle was vandalized, do I need to fill out the CEI Group's accident report?

Yes. Please call Fleet Operations at 800-542-6840 for information and instructions.

Can I get another vehicle while mine is being repaired?

Yes, as long as a loaner is available. DES Fleet keeps a handful of loaner vehicles available for this purpose. If within Thurston County, call Fleet Operations at 360-664-9215. Inform them of the situation, and a loaner may be issued (if available). If outside Thurston County, call Fleet Operations at 800-542-6840 to find the location of the nearest loaner vehicle (if available).

Additional Resources

For accident-related forms and additional help, please use the link below: