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Course Name Course Code
360 Degree Assessment Debriefing 2414
5 Behaviors Personal Development 2392
5 Behaviors Team Development 2482
A - Z Career Planning 2367
A Path Toward Equity: Module 1 – Racism as a Foundation 2358
A Path Toward Equity: Module 2 – Racism as a Structure 2359
A Path Toward Equity: Module 3 – Feeling Like an Outsider: The Cost of Being Othered 2360
A Path Toward Equity: Module 4 – Belonging: Moving from Them to Us 2361
Access 2016 Level 1 01-04-D731
Access 2016 Level 2 01-04-D730
Access 2016 Level 3 01-04-D729
Accessible Document Design for Beginners 01-03-EW68
Accessible Office Documents 2312
Accountability and Leading Up 2403
Achieving Results Through Employee Engagement 2368
Acrobat DC 01-04-D735
Acrobat Pro DC 2386
Adult Learning Styles 01-03-EC23
Adult Learning Theory 2350
Advanced Professional Skills for Creative, Willing Partnerships with Customers 2467
Agile EQ for Non-Managers 2437
Agile Project Management 2497
Alleviating Compassion Fatigue and Avoiding Burnout 01-07-EE71
Application Programming Interface Overview 01-05-T927
Architecture for Agile Solution Delivery 01-05-T923
Art of Delivering Positive Feedback 01-09-M581
Art of Participatory Leadership 2323
Art of Positive Negotiation 2434
Articulate Storyline 3 & 360: Beyond Essentials Level 2 01-04-T921
Articulate Storyline 3 & 360: Essentials Level 1 01-04-T918
Articulate Storyline: Tips, Tricks, and Gamification 01-04-T944
ASP.NET Core and Angular Programming 01-04-T922
Assertive Communication 01-03-E075
Audio and Voiceover Basics 2347
Be Happier at Work - 4 Steps You Need to Know 2397
Being an Effective Sponsor of Change 2345
Best Practices Train the Trainer 2417
Budgeting for the Non-Financial Manager 01-09-M091
Building a Coaching Culture 01-09-M582
Building a Resilient Team 01-09-M599
Building Confidence, Competence, & Credibility 01-14-EPB6
Building Your Personal Strengths for Professional Excellence 2376
Business Analysis Elicitation & Collaboration and Requirements Life Cycle Management 01-14-P055
Business Analysis Fundamentals: Framework and Competencies 01-14-P039
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 01-14-P042
Business Analysis Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 01-14-P058
Business Analysis Solutions Evaluation 01-14-P057
Business Analysis Strategy Analysis and Perspectives 01-14-P056
Business Analysis Techniques 01-14-P045
Business Writing 2404
C# Level 1 01-04-T901
Career Planning 2460
Case Studies: Policies in Co-Management and Trends in State-Tribal-Federal Relationships 2485
Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) Exam Prep 01-14-P046
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Preparation 01-14-P026
Changing World of Work and Employee Relations 01-09-HR62
Civil Service Rules & Labor Relations (eLearning) 2432
Coaching as a Leadership Style 2261
Coaching Mindset 2282
Coaching Skills 2375
Coaching: How Leaders Develop the Next Leaders 2295
Collaboration in the Workplace 01-03-EC32
Collaborative Negotiations 2342
Collecting Meaningful Data 01-14-GE15
Communicate to Connect: Skills for a Healthy Workplace 2265
Communicating with your Team: Understanding Styles LD Workshop 01-09-M626
Communication Styles & Skills Advanced 2385
Communication Styles & Skills for Employees 01-03-E015
Communications Skills in Project Team Management & Leadership 01-14-P061
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 01-07-EE57
Conflict De-escalation: How to Respond when Emotions Run High 2264
Conflict Happens! Skills to Move Forward 2266
Conflict Resolution – Getting Along in the Workplace 2405
Conflict, Compromise, & Cordial Co-workers 2336
Connected Customer Service 2356
Context of Tribal Relations in Washington State: Culture, Sovereignty, and Resilience 2483
Create More Accessible Email Messages in Outlook (eLearning) 2431
Create More Accessible Excel Workbooks (eLearning) 2433
Create More Accessible PowerPoint Slides (eLearning) 2438
Create More Accessible Word Documents (eLearning) 2456
Creating a Culture of Appreciation 2325
Creating a Culture of Recognition 2281
Creating a Culture of Service 2462
Creating a Motivational Mindset 2255
Creating and Sustaining Work-Life Balance 01-07-EE65
Creating Blazor Server Apps with .NET Core 2388
Creating Connection & Belonging on Teams Workshop 2351
Creating Cultures of Trust Through Psychological Safety 2296
Creating Psychological Safety Through Conversations 01-09-M613
Creating Strength Based Teams 2365
Crucial Learning Coaching Crucial Conversations for Leaders & HR Professionals 01-03-EC45
Crucial Learning Crucial Accountability Add-On 01-03-EC34
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations for Accountability 01-03-EC33
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations for Accountability Online (eLearning) 01-14-PS37
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations For Mastering Dialogue 01-03-EC03
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue Online (eLearning) 01-03-ECOE
Crucial Learning Crucial Conversations Train the Trainer Certification 01-03-EC41
Crucial Learning Crucial Influence 01-09-M602
Crucial Learning Getting Things Done (GTD) 01-14-PS10
Crucial Learning Getting Things Done Online (eLearning) 01-14-PSOE
Crucial Learning The Power of Habit 01-14-PS30
Crucial Learning The Power of Habit Online (eLearning) 01-14-PSEO
Curriculum Update 2495
Customer Service 01-03-E059
Customer Service Fundamentals for Excellence 2362
Customer Service: Maintaining a Positive Attitude 01-03-E077
Cycle of Reflecting 2287
Daily Lean Practices the Washington Way 01-09-GE29
Data Analysis, Integration, and Business Intelligence 01-05-T931
Data Warehouse Information and Overview 01-05-T930
Dealing With Troubled, Toxic, or Negative People 2337
Decision Making in Ideal & Stressful Times 2379
Defensive Driving (eLearning) 2439
Delegating Effectively 2256
Dependable Strengths Certified Facilitator Training 2415
Design Principles 101: What You Need To Know 01-04-D739
Designing Publications 01-04-D741
Disrupting Microaggressions LD Workshop 01-09-M645
Diversity and Inclusion 01-14-ER08
Domestic Violence in the Workplace 2352
Editing & Proofreading for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW39
Editing Skills Review 01-03-EW55
Effective Communication 2406
Effective Employee Onboarding 2371
Effective Feedback Coaching Skills 2278
Effective Meeting Management 01-14-M084
Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making 2338
eLearning Accessibility Mini-Workshop 2391
eLearning Accessibility Workshop 01-04-T898
Elemental Leadership 2288
Email Essentials: Maximizing Efficiency and Crafting Clear Messages 2420
Emotional Intelligence - Foundations & In Practice 01-03-EC39
Emotional Intelligence at Work 2341
Emotional Intelligence in Practice: Manage Workplace Emotions 01-03-EC35
Employee and Labor Relations 01-09-HR56
Employee Retention: Harnessing the Power of Appreciation 2399
Essential Ethics 2353
Ethics in Decision Making for Supervisors and Human Resources 01-09-M564
Ethics in State Government (eLearning) 2440
Everything DiSC Management: Harnessing Your Management Style 2280
Excel 2013/2016 Pivot Tables 01-04-D712
Excel 2016-2019 Level 1 01-14-D723
Excel 2016-2019 Level 2 01-04-D724
Excel 2016-2019 Level 3 01-04-D734
Excel Formula Favorites: 2013/2016 01-04-D747
Excel: Creating Dashboards 01-04-D746
Excel: Dynamic Excel Charts Made Easy 01-04-T945
Excel: Interactive Reports 01-04-T935
Excel: Tools Tricks and Tips 01-04-D752
Exceptional Coach: How to Assist Others in Going from Average to Excellent 2258
Facilitating Difficult Conversations 2339
Facilitating Effective Meetings 2340
Facilitating Effective Meetings Workshop 2389
Facilitating with Ease 2381
Facilitation Fundamentals 2390
Facilitation Skills 01-14-EP72
Facilitation Skills Advanced 01-14-EM02
Family Medical Leave Act for Supervisors (eLearning) 2441
Faultless Facilitation Skills 2429
Film and Video Basics 2348
First Aid, CPR, AED - Re-certification 2274
First Aid, CPR, and AED 2273
Five Dysfunctions of a Team 2276
Foundations of Emotional Intelligence 01-03-EC36
Franklin Covey 4 Essential Roles of Leadership 01-09-M627
Franklin Covey 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity 01-14-PS24
Franklin Covey 6 Critical Practices of Leadership 01-09-M640
Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 01-14-PS22
Franklin Covey Change Management: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity 01-09-M649
Franklin Covey Leading at the Speed of Trust 01-09-M603
Franklin Covey Working at the Speed of Trust 01-14-PS25
Friction to Function: Using Conflict for Learning and Growth 2324
From Toxic to Thriving: Creating a Vibrant Workplace Environment 2400
Fundamentals of Coaching Skills for Managers 2292
Fundamentals of Human Resources 01-09-HR61
Government to Government Training 01-03-SP14
Grammar Foundations 01-03-EW53
Grammar Review 01-03-EW28
Graphic Design Capstone 01-04-D742
Grow Through What You Go Through – Psychological First Aid 2334
Harness the Power of Productive Conflict 2461
Harnessing the Power of Agile EQ 2321
Helping Difficult Customers 01-03-E083
High Impact Resumes: Showcase Your Strengths 2364
History and Practice of Government-to-Governmental Relations: State, Tribal, Federal 2484
How To Stand Out in a Talented Field 2366
HR Risk Management 01-09-HR57
HTML Level 1 01-04-T791
Human Resource Development 01-09-HR54
Human Resource Essentials 01-09-HR51
Illustrator CC Level 1 01-04-D749
InDesign CC Level 1 01-04-D748
Innovation and Creative Thinking 2407
Internal Dialog: The Language We Speak 2299
Internet Information Services 01-05-T925
Interpersonal Conflict Resolution 01-03-E00T
Interview Skills for Panelists (eLearning) 2442
Interviewing for Success - Making a Positive Impact During the Interview 2418
Introduction to Elemental Leadership 2285
Investigator Training Advanced 01-14-IV02
Investigator Training Core 01-14-IV01
IT Security Awareness (eLearning) 2443
It's a Matter of Style! How to Build a More Effective Team 01-09-M604
ITIL Foundation 01-04-T856
Javascript Level 2: Jquery 01-04-800
Johari Window 2289
Keys to Building an Effective Team 2257
Language of Leadership: Enhancing Your Leadership Potential 01-09-M308
Leadership Command Presence I: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially 2259
Leadership Command Presence II: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially 2260
Leadership Essentials 2372
Leadership Fundamentals for Staff 2436
Leadership NEXT 01-09-M615
Leadership Presence 2262
Leading & Managing Change 2297
Leading an Inspired Workforce Part I: Empowering Supervision 2284
Leading an Inspired Workforce Part II: Creating a Motivating Work Environment 2283
Leading Effective Meetings 2343
Leading from the Middle: Influencing without Direct Authority 01-09-M578
Leading Organizations 2382
Leading Others Part 2 (ILT Course) 01-09-M610
Leading Others Part I (eLearning curriculum) 2489
Leading People Through Change 2309
Leading Through Difficulty: Emotional Intelligence, Communication & Conflict Management 01-09-M579
Leading with Your Values 2374
Legal and Effective Hiring for Success 01-09-M560
Listening Skills 2302
Living into Your Values at Work 2401
Make the Most of Your Time & Priorities 2412
Managing Challenging Conversations 01-03-EC54
Managing Change & Making Great Decisions 01-09-M577
Managing Customer Service 2463
Managing Job Stress 01-07-EE05
Managing Meetings 2487
Managing Priorities 01-14-PS03
Master Your Organization's Language 2370
Mediation Tools and Skills 01-14-EM01
Meeting Management – The Art of Making Meetings Work 2408
Mental Health First Aid 01-07-ER14
Microsoft Project- A New Approach 2494
Mind of a Manager, Heart of a Leader 01-09-M575
Minor Shifts for Major Changes 2393
Misconduct Investigator Training 01-09-HR64
Mitigating Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process LD Workshop 01-09-M635
Motivating & Coaching to Build Top Talent 01-09-M576
Motivating Employees 2293
Motivational Conversations 2332
Motivational Interviewing for Professional Effectiveness 2322
Multigenerational Workforce Challenges & Solutions 2496
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and Change 2423
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and Communication 2424
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and Conflict 2425
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and Stress 2426
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and Team Building 2428
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Type and the Hybrid Workspace 2427
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Basics 2422
Navigating Discrimination Claims & Managing Accommodations 01-09-HR65
Negotiation - Real World Strategies for the Professional Setting 2435
Negotiation Skills for Women 01-03-EC47
Organizational Change Management: What it is & Why it Matters 2346
Organizational Strategic Planning 01-14-P064
Outlook 2016 Level 1 01-04-D727
Outlook 2016 Level 2 01-04-D728
Outward Mindset Essentials for Government 01-14-PS33
Outward vs. Inward Mindset 2277
Paid Family & Medical Leave (eLearning) 2444
Pay, Leave, & Time (eLearning) 2445
Performance & Development Plan (PDP) 01-09-M325
Performance Accountability: How to Measure Outcomes 01-14-GE27
Performance Management in a Just Cause World 01-09-HR66
Performance Plans & Reviews (eLearning) 2446
Persuasive Public Speaking - How to Capture, Lead and Influence your Audience 2416
Photoshop CC 01-04-D750
Plain Language - Writing and Design 01-03-EW50
Policy Writing Workshop 2254
PowerPoint 2016 Level 1 01-04-D725
PowerPoint 2016 Level 2 01-04-D726
PowerShell Scripting 01-04-T650
Presentation Skills 01-03-E002
Prevent and Overcome Burnout for Supervisors and Managers 2396
Prevent and Overcome Burnout for Those Who Do Not Supervise 2398
Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence for Supervisors and HR 2492
Preventing Workplace Violence for Supervisors (eLearning) 2447
Problem Solving and Decision Making 2409
Problem Solving the Washington Way 01-14-GE25
Program Management Fundamentals 01-14-PS14
Program Portfolio Management 01-14-PS13
Program Stakeholder Engagement & Governance 01-14-PS11
Programming for the Non-Programmer 01-05-T924
Programming in SQL Servers Level 2 2387
Project Cost & Schedule Management 01-14-P052
Project Driven Change Management 01-14-P060
Project Execution, Control & Closure 01-14-P063
Project Initiation and Planning 01-14-P015
Project Management Essentials 01-14-P007
Project Management Fundamentals 2410
Project Management Fundamentals for Non-IT Staff 01-14-PS07
Project Management Scope & Requirements Management 01-14-P054
Project Quality and Performance Management 01-14-P035
Project Risk Management 01-14-P020
Prosci Change Practitioner Program 2272
Providing Exceptional Customer Service – While Taking Care of Yourself in the Process 2419
Public Speaking Skills 2430
Public Speaking, PowerPoint, and How to Engage an Audience 2413
Reasonable Accommodations for Supervisors (eLearning) 2448
Reasonable Suspicion 01-07-ER15
Recognizing Implicit Bias LD Workshop 01-09-M644
Recruitment & Selection 01-09-HR60
Relational Database Fundamentals 01-05-T928
Relationship Management for Building Exceptional Partnerships 2464
Resolving Performance Issues (eLearning) 2449
Resolving Workplace Conflict 2307
Respect in the Workplace 2263
Road Mapping for DEI Success 2291
Secrets to Providing Exceptional Customer Service 2303
Security: Internet Privacy and Browsing Anonymously 01-04-T910
Self-Care and Co-Care: Creating a Foundation for Well-being and Brilliance 2335
Self-Esteem and Our Internal Dialog 01-07-EE67
Selling Yourself to your Customer - Building a Winning Image with Your Clients 2468
Servant Leadership 2275
Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention for Managers and Leaders 01-09-M327
Sexual Harassment Prevention for All Employees (eLearning) 2450
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees 01-14-ER03
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors (eLearning) 2451
SharePoint 2016 for Site Owners 2384
SharePoint 2016 for Site Users 01-04-D743
Skill Building Workshop 01-03-EC55
Social Awareness and Relationship Management 2466
Software Testing for Non-Programmers 01-04-T946
SQL Level 2: Stored Procedures and More 01-04-T830
SQL Overview for Basic SQL Constructs 01-05-T929
SQL Server Administration 01-04-T824
SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring 01-04-T903
SQL Structured Query Language Level 1 01-04-T808
Stakeholder Management & Project Governance 01-14-P062
Stepping up to Supervision: How to Increase Your Influence with Others 2279
Strategic HR Management 01-09-HR52
Strategic Planning: Effective Teams Make all the Difference 2486
Strengthen Your Workplace Influence 2369
StrengthsFinder Introduction: Identify Your Strengths to Meet Your Goals (8 Hours) 01-03-EC43
Stress Less: How to Minimize Stress & Maximize Potential 01-14-PS19
Success Habits 01-14-EP04
Succession Planning: Developing Talent Before It’s Too Late 2493
Suicide Awareness (eLearning) 2452
Systems Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders 2326
Team Building: Developing High-Performance Teams 2411
Team Skills: Participating on & Leading Effective Teams 2294
Technical Writing for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW37
Technical Writing: Editing Techniques 01-03-EW59
Technical Writing: Proofreading Techniques 01-03-EW60
Teleworking in a Modern Work Environment (eLearning) 2453
The Excellent Communicator – Advanced Communication Skills for the Professional Setting 2465
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits 2469
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Better Health & Well-being 2470
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Conflict Management 2471
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Educators and Teachers 2472
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Managers and Leaders 2473
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Public Safety and Emergency Response 2474
The Fastest Way to Create New Habits for Stress Management and Work-Life Balance 2475
The Hiring Process: Module I – Recruitment (eLearning) 2454
The Hiring Process: Module II – Interviewing (eLearning) 2455
The Importance of Self-Care 01-07-EE66
Time Management 01-14-M094
Time Management for Managers 2421
Total Rewards 01-09-HR55
Train the Trainer Part 1 2377
Train the Trainer Part 2 2380
Understanding People Through Strengths 01-03-E056
Unlawful Employment Discrimination (eLearning) 2457
Use of Criminal Records in Hiring (eLearning) 2458
User-Centered Design and Usability 101 01-04-T820
Using “The Leadership Challenge” to Bring Out the Best in Others 2315
Verbal De-escalation, Conflict, and Self Identification of Triggers 01-14-ER10
Video Editing Basics 2349
Violence in the Workplace 01-07-M206
Virtual Meeting Facilitation Basics 2333
Visio 2016 Level 1 01-04-T907
Visio 2016 Level 2 01-04-T942
Web & Internet Security 01-04-T853
Web Application Development with ASP.NET 4 01-04-T777
Web Design & Usability Techniques 01-04-T084
Web Design Principles 01-04-D745
Winning the Interview 2319
Word 2016 Level 1 01-04-D722
Word 2016 Level 2 01-04-D732
Word 2016 Level 3 01-04-D733
Work Life Harmony - Not Balance! 2395
Workforce Planning and Employment 01-09-HR53
Working Effectively with the Boss 2378
Workplace Behavior for WFSE Represented Employees (eLearning) 2459
Workplace Civility and Bullying Prevention 2304
Writing Emails 01-03-EW64
Writing for the Web 01-03-EW44
Writing Minutes & Meeting Notes 01-03-EW19
Writing Policies & Procedures 01-03-EW10
Writing Skills for Public Sector Professionals 01-03-EW04
XML/Javascript for the Non Tech 01-05-T926