Exceptional Coach: How to Assist Others in Going from Average to Excellent

Course Code: 2258

The Exceptional Coach—How to Assist Others in Going from Average to Excellent (1 Day)

A core goal of this coaching program is to provide breakthrough strategies which enable the coach or mentor to assist another in evolving to higher levels of communication, motivation, and performance. Knowing how to coach is an essential skillset for every leader or manager. Program attendees will learn a proven system for assisting another in improving their professional performance.

This training provides insightful applications of coaching skills documented to be of benefit. This program will benefit anyone who desires to learn a coaching system that can help others improve.

High-performance attitudes and actions are required for individual and team effectiveness. During this program skills will be learned that build a high-performance edge. A leader’s job is to help grow other leaders. This course provides training in coaching that help team members thrive.

Performance Objectives:  Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Learn the executive seven-step coaching formula
  • Gain insights that improve your nonverbal communication abilities
  • Learn how to promote buy-in from resistant individuals
  • Analyze styles of conflict and how to better manage them in a coaching setting
  • Learn the “Conditions of Wellformedness” goal setting process
  • Know how to assist another to overcome overwhelm that blocks change and learning
  • Learn the Motivation Strategy for your own personal use and with your coachee/mentee
  • Learn how to elicit the persons’ driving values for follow-through.

Competencies covered in this course: Coaching & mentoring others; methods for goal setting; motivating others; handling conflict; managing change