CD Copying

​You probably know that one of the easiest ways to reduce your costs for printing, storing and distributing large documents is to convert them to compact discs (CDs). Compact discs can usually be produced at a fraction of the cost of printing and binding thick books because the replication process requires less energy and materials than printing. Plus, CDs are thin and lightweight, so they can be easily combined with other materials and mailed at much lower postage rates than printed manuals.

But where should you go to get CDs once you’ve decided to make the switch?

DES Printing and Imaging is your best resource for ordering all types of CDs. When you purchase CDs through DES Printing and Imaging, you can be sure that you will receive the highest-quality compact discs at the best price and fastest turnaround available. We’ll work with you every step of the way so you get exactly what you want at the price you need.

CD Ordering Checklist

Ordering compact discs is simple once you know what information to supply. The following steps will help you prepare your order properly and avoid unnecessary production delays.

1. Complete an A21 Printing Requisition

The more information you provide on your requisition form, the more quickly we can proceed with filling your order. Please be sure to include the following information when filling out your order form.

  • General information
    Be sure your order form includes a requisition number and authorizing signature. We must have this information before we can start work on your project. Also include the following:
    • The quantity of discs you need.
    • The street address or addresses where you would like us to deliver the finished discs.
    • Most importantly, be sure to provide complete contact information so we can call you if we have questions about your order.
  • Disc size
    Please tell us which size CD you want in the Special Instructions section of the A21 form. Compact discs are available in a variety of sizes, including:
    • Standard CD
    • 3' round mini disc
    • 3 3/8' x 2 3/8' business card disc.
  • Imprinting instructions
    Please let us know what you would like printed on the face of your CDs, including:
    • The text and graphics used.
    • The ink colors required.
    • How you will supply the art.
  • Type of holder
    You may choose to have your CDs protected by the following types of holders:
    • Clear flexible poly sleeve.
    • Paper sleeve.
    • Jewel case.
    • Clamshell case.

    Flexible poly sleeves are the most popular and cost-effective choice because they let the printing on the face of the CD to show through the case, eliminating the need for jewel case inserts or printing on the sleeve.

  • Insert printing instructions
    If you want your CDs to be protected by a jewel case, also be sure to include instructions for printing the cover inserts. We will need to know the following information in order to print the jewel case inserts correctly:
    • Paper, including brand, weight and color.
    • Ink colors.
    • Trimming, folding and binding instructions.
    • How the art will be furnished.

2. Create a master disc

Unfortunately, information submitted on floppy disks or by email cannot be used to replicate CDs, so you must send us a master CD before we can proceed with your order. If you are not able to burn a master CD of the document, we will be glad to create one for you.

3. Provide the art or copy for printing on the CD and insert

If you are furnishing the art for imprinting on the face of the CD or for printing jewel case inserts, it is best to submit the art electronically. For best results, please furnish your art as a PDF or send us a file created with graphic design software. Please avoid submitting Word, Publisher or other office-based software files because they may not output correctly and will require extra prepress work to process.

4. Submit your order

When you are ready to place your order, simply drop off your A21 Printing Requisition, master disc and art files at DES Printing and Imaging main plant at 7580 New Market Street SW in Tumwater, or send them to:

Jeannie Simpson
DES Printing and Imaging
Mail Stop 47100
PO Box 798
Olympia WA 98507-0798