State Vehicles and Drivers

State employees provide an array of services to Washington citizens. Many services are quickly and efficiently delivered to our citizens via the telephone and/or computer from a central or regional state office.

Why do state employees travel?

Some state services are impossible to provide without direct interaction with citizens at their locale. As a result, state employees delivering vital state services log millions of miles every year in both state and personally owned vehicles. Arriving safely is a key component of providing efficient service.

State employees promote safety on the road

Every state driver has an opportunity to promote safety on the state’s roads by adopting and displaying safe driving habits at all times that contribute to their personal safety as well as to the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians.

How can this webpage help?

This page is intended to be a “one-stop-shopping” page dedicated to state employees who must transport themselves or others in vehicles to carry out their agency's mission. This page features statewide vehicle/driving policies, forms, education and training information, traffic safety links and more.

Safe driving videos and training

Travel on State Business

Statewide policies related to travel and state vehicles/drivers

Other Washington state links related to driving

Federal government links

Traffic related safety organizations