State Agency Self-Insurance Liability Program


Method of premium allocation

  • The liability account is financed through annual premiums determined by the State Risk Manager, with concurrence of the Office of Financial Management. The State Risk Manager determines the formula for allocating costs to participating state agencies based on an independent actuarial study of the state’s projected liabilities.
  • Premiums are computed biennially for each state agency, board, and commission based on claim experience (six years of incurred costs). A biennial actuarial review is conducted to ensure that future premiums reflect changes in total state liability, employee growth, and current pay-out history.


  • Coverage is provided to Washington state, its agencies, governing bodies, boards, and commissions, all as now exist or shall exist, including all state employees, elected appointed officials, members of boards or commissions, volunteers, and reserve officers, all while acting within the scope of their employment.
  • Coverage is not provided for the University of Washington in its entirety, students at the community colleges, technical colleges, and universities (unless in the capacity of employees or under the guidance and direct supervision of college or university employees), college and university foundations, and foster parents.

Summary of coverage


The liability account is used to pay tort claims, judgments, and settlements arising from general liability and vehicle accidents for which the state is found to be wholly or partially negligent. Coverage is provided up to $10 million for each claim with no deductible.

Coverage is provided for claims arising from bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage to a third party, including:

  • bodily injury or property damage to a state employee or third party
  • vehicle liability
  • public officials liability
  • liquor liability
  • violations of civil rights
  • sudden and accidental pollution
  • certain areas of medical malpractice
  • marine docks, quays, shore-side facilities, floats, and buoys, and vessels that are a maximum of 26 feet in length and which are human powered or a maximum of 50 horsepower motors


Excludes and will not pay claims arising from the following, including self-insurance retention and deductibles:

  • marine hull and protection and indemnity exposures relative to vessel operations
  • marine hull and protection and indemnity, docks, quays, shoreside facilities, floats, and buoys relative to the Department of Transportation Marine Division
  • aircraft and aviation hull and liability exposures
  • employee fidelity
  • damage to state owned facilities and property
  • foreign liability
  • intercollegiate athletic activities
  • student sponsored events
  • injuries to employees under worker’s compensation, US Longshore, and Harbor Workers or Jones Act
  • student medical malpractice during required practicum under outside hospital supervision
  • University of Washington and Medical School

Certificate of insurance

Self Insurance Liability Program - Evidence of Liability Insurance

Certificates of Insurance are issued by the Office of Risk Management when needed to verify that agencies are covered under the Self Insurance Liability Program for a specific activity, lease or agreement. They are issued:

  • when evidence of coverage is requested by the owner, vendor or lessor of land, facilities, or equipment being leased, rented or used by an agency for its operations
  • when evidence of coverage is requested by another party for whom the agency employees perform services and/or activities as part of an agreement
  • when evidence of coverage is needed for general or vehicle liability covered by the Self Insurance Liability Program.

You may request a Certificate of Insurance by submitting a Certificate of Insurance Request Form. This site is available only in English language.

Lease/Purchase - evidence of insurance

Agencies purchasing equipment through the Office of the State Treasurer’s Lease Purchase Program must provide evidence of insurance for liability and property damage. At the agency’s request, ORM will prepare a Certificate of Insurance for this purpose.



Please contact Insurance Program Specialist Kim Haggard, 360-280-6962 or Tiffany Gowon, 360-701-3487.