Policy Development


Policies are the framework from which uniformed decisions can be made across an agency. With these policies you will be able to establish clear guidelines for your employees to follow.

The Department of Enterprise Services is willing to share their policies as framework for you to develop yours.

Take Action

  1. Determine policies to be developed and set priorities. State HR has a list of required and recommended agency policies.
  2. Prepare initial draft of policy, updating the agency information in the draft.
  3. Have your Management Team meet to review, discuss, and suggest edits.
  4. If any edits are made, please send the draft to your Labor Relations Section Staff for their approval.
  5. If your agency has represented employees, please refer to their Collective Bargaining Agreement for instruction on their notification process and timeframe.
  6. Once your Labor Relations Section Staff member and the union (if applicable) have approved the draft, the Agency Director should sign and approve it.
  7. Forward a copy to Labor Relations Section Staff member and your Human Resources Business Partner.
  8. Communicate the new policy to your staff.