Fleet Operations Mileage Reporting

Mileage reporting for Fleet Operations long-term rental vehicles is to be completed monthly prior to the last business day of each month.

If reporting mileage for a DFW, ECY, ESD, ATG, or LNI Pool vehicle: All other agencies:
Use: Online mileage reporting Use Fleet Operations Info Center then follow below instructions

***Please note - as of January of 2021, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. An alternate browser will need to be used.***

  1. Login
  • Enter your User ID and Password then, click Login
  1. Select task
  • On the Customer Access Screen, click Administer Equipment Units. A list of vehicles leased by your agency from Fleet Operations will be displayed.

Note: From this point on, do not use the browser's "Back" button; use the "Back" button at the bottom of the page instead.

  1. Find the vehicle and enter information
  • Under Equip ID (first column), click on the license plate number for the vehicle you are reporting on.
    • If entering mileage for multiple vehicles, you can filter for a specific plate number.
  • In the Equipment Details screen, click Enter Usage Tickets.
  • Under Basic Information, enter the following as note:
    • Start Date - DO NOT change this value
    • End Date - Should only be changed if the odometer reading was taken on a different day than the End Date showing
    • Begin Odometer - DO NOT change this value
    • End Odometer - Enter the ending odometer reading
    • Days Used - Required; only enter numerals
  1. Save Entries and Log Out
  • Click the Save button only once. Clicking multiple times will create duplicate entries.
  • Updates are complete when the Successful Update message appears between Usage Ticket Information and Equipment Information at the top left of the screen.
  • Click the Logoff button to exit Info Center.

If you have problems using the system or have questions, please contact Fleet Operations at 360-664-9215 or mpmail@des.wa.gov.