Project management, alterations and additions

Project Management

The Department of Enterprise Services offers estimation, design, construction, construction administration, and project management services on a reimbursable basis through the Public Works Requisition (PWR) process. This process provides access to external design and construction firms through DES Division of Engineering and Architectural Services. DES will work with your agency to find the most cost effective way to provide estimation, design and construction services.

External design services to develop plans and specifications are required per the terms of your agency’s lease/occupancy agreement. These design services ensure work is planned and executed per applicable federal and state requirements, City of Olympia permitting requirements, building codes and campus design standards. Project design and construction administration keeps projects on time and within budget, minimizes rework due to missed requirements, and ensures documentation of project work. Talk to your asset manager about the process and which projects require design services.

Alterations and Additions

The Department of Enterprise Services provides facility installation and repair services on a reimbursable basis to buildings on the State Capitol Campus and elsewhere in Thurston County. Reimbursable services are initiated by tenant agencies by contacting the Work Management Center 360-725-0000 or or through the Facility Service Request system.

All reimbursable work must go through this process to be assigned a work order for tracking and invoicing purposes. In addition, projects initiated by tenants require plans and specifications for DES review per the terms of the applicable lease/occupancy agreement and the PWR process described above. Talk to your asset manager about the process and which projects require design services.

All reimbursable services are provided and require Asset Management approval per the terms of the applicable lease/occupancy agreement, HB 1995 and RCW 79.24.720. The approval process includes coordinating a review of relevant building system capacity, ADA, ingress/egress, historic preservation, security, parking, impacts to other tenants, maintenance, conformance with the approved Campus Master Plan, campus infrastructure, campus design and construction standards, and other applicable factors.

Installation, maintenance and repair of specialized or tenant-only equipment can be provided by DES on a reimbursable basis. View examples of facility service types. In addition, facility services are provided on standard schedules and providing this maintenance ahead of schedule is done on a reimbursable basis (e.g., painting building common areas each year instead of the funded level of service).

Common reimbursable services include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Office Remodel/Alterations
  • Electrical Outlet Install/Relocation
  • Interior Signage
  • Patch and Paint in Tenant Space
  • Hanging Framed Material or Whiteboards
  • Lighting Re-lamping/Replacement
  • Floor Covering Repair
  • Finished Carpentry and Cabinets
  • Interior Door Lock Installation, Repair and Re-keying
  • Private Office and Workstation Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaning
  • Maintenance and replacement of tenant-funded improvements

Please refer to your agency’s lease/occupancy agreement for information about requirements to remove equipment and property installed as part of a tenant improvement.