Risk Finance Program

Risk Finance Program provides a wide range of services:

  • Administrates the state’s Self Insurance Liability Program, including development of funding and cost allocation plans for the liability account.
  • In coordination with other ORM programs, provides consultative services to state agencies in the areas of claims management, insurance administration, loss prevention, and risk financing.
  • Purchases commercial property and casualty insurance and surety bonding as appropriate.
  • In coordination with the loss prevention program, assists state agencies and provides training in applying appropriate loss prevention techniques to identify and better manage risk exposures.
  • In coordination with the loss prevention program, develops and implements statewide policies and programs designed to identify, evaluate, and avoid or reduce major exposures.
  • Prepares indemnification and insurance guidelines and reviews 'hold harmless' clauses in contracts.
  • Acts as broker of record with the Department of Labor and Industries for the state’s Small Group Retrospective Rating Program.


For questions about services, programs, or initiatives related to the Self-Insurance Liability Program, Washington state’s commercial insurance program, contract risk avoidance, and more, contact Insurance Program Specialists Kim Haggard at 360-280-6962 or Tiffany Gowon at 360-701-3487.