Technology Leasing

Our Technology Leasing Program helps state agencies and public higher education institutions acquire technology equipment essential to serving Washingtonians.

Equipment we typically help get includes:

  • Personal computer equipment.
    • Desktop and laptop computers and accessories.
    • Monitors.
    • Printers.
  • Network Infrastructure equipment.
    • Switches.
    • Servers.
    • Routers.
  • Phones and peripherals.
  • Conferencing equipment.

What we can do for you

Washington state agencies and public higher education institutions can replace large up-front cash outlays with fixed operational expenses—making budgeting easier for:

  • Replacing old or obsolete systems.
  • Obtaining new systems to meet new requirements.
  • Managing assets.

You can finance equipment purchases for lease terms that match the useful life of the assets (according to SAAM) for equipment with a total purchase value of $5,000 or more. Warranty services are provided by manufacturers or equipment vendors.

The process

To obtain these services, eligible organizations must enter into a Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with us. Once the MLA is in place, all leases are done under the original MLA.

  1. A lease is a non-cancelable contract. You’re responsible for all payments throughout the course of the lease.
  2. The Procurement Specialist quotes a lease payment, using manufacturer’s negotiated price for specific equipment configuration, and our lease rate spreadsheet.
  3. Based on the quote, agency issues us a purchase order to begin final lease process.
  4. After internal processes take place, equipment is delivered to the agency or third-party vendor and invoicing begins.
  5. After you make the final lease payment, we transfer ownership of the equipment to you at no cost. You can keep the equipment in service as long as you like and coordinate with DES Surplus to surplus the equipment whenever you are ready.

Our Surplus Operations redistributes end-of-lease computers to Washington school districts and schools through the Computers for Kids (C4K) program.


Leasing costs are based on:

  • The principle — or actual price of the system.
  • The interest rates and fees issued by the State Treasurer for Certificate of Participation (COP) agreements.
  • An admin fee:
Type Amount
Single Asset Costing $0 - $500 $0.44 per unit
Single Asset Costing $501 - $5,000 $1.75 per unit
Single Asset Costing $5,001 - $50,000 $5.75 per unit
Single Asset Costing >$50,001 1% of the subtotal rounded down to the nearest whole number

Certificates of Participation financing policy for IT acquisitions

IT infrastructure systems eligibility requirements and limits for agencies are now laid out in the Office of the State Treasurer’s DMT –403 policy on Certificates of Participation (COP) financing effective June 17, 2022.

According to RCW 39.94, state agencies cannot use private sector financing companies to fund IT purchases as it would be considered state debt. The state’s payment obligations under the COP financing contract do not create “state debt” under Article VIII, Section 1, of the Constitution because of the COP’s provisions that the equipment being leased can be repossessed and resold to recover the money borrowed -rather than the financing security relying on a pledge of the state’s full faith, credit, and taxing power.

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