Workforce Learning & Performance Learner Expectations

DES Workforce Learning & Performance provides training opportunities to public service employees so they can learn and grow to serve Washingtonians effectively and equitably. We expect all learners to support a quality learning experience for everyone. Here are explanations that will help make your experience the best it can be:

Arrive on time, prepared to learn. Being prepared might include completing training prework or arriving early to get set up in the virtual or Training Center classroom.

Treat everyone with respect. We define respect as exchanges in which every person can fully and equitably participate. Avoid comments that are offensive or unwelcome.

Follow all applicable policies and laws including but not limited to the following: building and DES policies, agency or organization policies, and federal and state laws.

Follow these learning guidelines as well as those provided by the facilitator(s) in the training.

  • Participate fully and be willing to experience discomfort.
  • Listen respectfully and actively, with the goal of understanding the views of others.
  • Communicate bravely and honestly from your personal experience. Use “I” rather than “we,” “they,” or “you,” and do not ask individuals to speak on behalf of their actual or perceived group identities.
  • Respect and honor others’ experiences. Examine your own assumptions and perceptions. Recognize generalizations about individuals or groups.
  • Share responsibility for ensuring that all voices are heard. If you tend to have a lot to say, make room for others. If you tend to stay quiet, challenge yourself to share.
  • Practice humility. Be open to the views of others and think critically about your own views. Consider and discuss ideas, not people. Consider responding with “yes, and ...” rather than “yes, but ...”. Approach different perspectives with curiosity, not defensiveness, argument, or shaming.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality. Avoid identifying individuals or providing details that would allow someone in your story to be identified while sharing. Do not share the stories you hear in a training without permission.

If learners are disruptive, facilitator(s) may speak privately to the learner, and require the learner to leave the session, depending on the severity of the behavior. Instructors will document disruptive learner incidents in a report shared with DES, and as necessary, with the disruptive learner's employer. Disruptive learner consequences may include banning the learner from future trainings. No refunds will be issued when a disruptive learner is required to leave a training.

Our goal is for learners to experience high quality training that meet the needs of learners and their organizations. Thank you for choosing DES for your training needs.

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