Appointment Letter Templates

An appointment letter is written to inform an employee of the terms of employment, salary, benefits eligibility, effective date, union representation, and other important information about the appointment change.

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Small Agency Assistance (SAA) encourages the use of a formal appointment letter as a follow-up to a job offered by phone or in-person. SAA has developed some appointment letter templates that can be used to inform employees of their new position, salary increase, or new appointment status.

If you are missing information to complete the appointment letter, need assistance determining what type of letter should be used, or if you need a different type of letter, contact the Small Agency Assistance Team. Some of your questions may be answered by reading the Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: If your employee is moving from a non-represented to a represented position or vice versa, work with your assigned human resources business partner to add appropriate language to letter templates.

WFSE Letter Templates
Non-Represented Letter Templates
WMS/EMS Letter Templates