Windshield Repair or Replacement

What do I do if the windshield or windows on the vehicle are damaged?

Washington State has a master contract for glass repair, contract 07021. On contract are awarded vendors by region throughout the state (see the current vendor region and price list on the contract page). Contact the vendor that is in the region where you are. Have the vendor contact Fleet Operations Maintenance at 800-542-6840 to obtain account and payment information. Remember to have them send all invoicing to Fleet Operations.

Use this contact for -

  • Windshield repairs are for rock chips or bulls-eye that measure the size of a quarter or less.
  • Windshield replacement are for anything larger than a quarter. (Note) if the damage interferes with driver visibility, replace the windshield.

For vendors requiring a purchase order number, the driver will provide the M-plate or License plate number as the PO.

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