Small Works Roster

The Small Works Roster (SWR) is a listing of approved State of Washington licensed contractors that organizations can use to send small bid opportunities by contractor type, type of work, and project location. It:

  • is used for projects under $350,000.
  • makes it easier for contractors to compete for public works projects.
  • helps reduce the cost of bidding small projects.

Changes to the Small Works Roster

Get ready for legislative changes to the Small Works Roster.

Join the Small Works Roster

To be on the roster, contractors must apply online.

  • DES advertises the roster annually.
  • Firms may apply at any time.

Once approved, DES will add contractors to the list. Organizations will then use the list to send information when bid opportunities are available.

Current information

You must update your contact information any time it changes to continue to receive notifications.

Non-licensed contractors

The SWR is for State of Washington licensed contractors. If your firm is not required to have a contractor’s license for your type of business, learn how to receive notice for other bid opportunities.

Small Works Roster video training

What is the Small Works Roster?

Do I qualify?

How do I apply?

What happens after I submit my application?

How do I bid?

If selected, when do I start?

How do I submit for payment?

Steps for project closeout

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