Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention for Managers and Leaders

Course Code: 01-09-M327

This course meets State requirements for leaders’ required training in preventing sexual harassment (WAC 357) and follows OFM Guidelines. Sexual harassment and discrimination include unwanted, unwelcome sexual behavior, gender diminishment, and sexually charged and hostile work environments. All forms of sexual and gender harassment and discrimination are costly, can interfere with employees’ abilities to perform their work, and are against policy. 

Today’s supervisors and managers are:

•responsible for modeling appropriate behavior, addressing behavior constructively, receiving complaints and monitoring their workplace cultures—which includes conduct outside of primary workplaces as well as interaction with non-employees

•expected to support safe, respectful, lawful workplace environments and address inappropriate behavior and micro-aggressions related to sex, gender identity/expression, and sexual orientation. This course also includes developing Bystander Intervention skills in staff, thereby encouraging staff responsibility for safe, respectful, professional workplace environments.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

Awareness: Further develop capability to recognize a full-range of inappropriate behavior related to sex, gender, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation – and communicate staff expectations about behavior 

Role-Modeling: Understand responsibilities of effective and appropriate role-modeling and the risks of inappropriate role-modeling

Policies & Procedures: Build competence and confidence in utilizing policies and procedures when communicating about and addressing inappropriate behavior 

Bystander Intervention: Develop skills in modeling Bystander Intervention and in supporting staff in respectful, effective interventions. 

Competencies Covered WAC 357: DEI Leadership Competencies