Effective Communication

Course Code: 2406

Do you ever find yourself struggling to communicate with certain people while finding it effortless with others? Have you ever encountered someone you just clicked with immediately upon meeting? That comfortable feeling you experienced is what we strive for in interpersonal communication.

Through our training, we aim to help you recognize how your communication style affects others and to explore methods for improving these skills. Improved communication skills can transform your professional and personal life, making it easier and more enjoyable to navigate through your daily interactions.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify common communication problems that may be holding you back
  • Develop skills to ask questions that give you the information you need
  • Understand what your non-verbal messages are telling others
  • Develop skills to listen actively and empathetically to others
  • Enhance your ability to handle difficult situations
  • Deal with situations assertively

Competencies Covered: 

  • Creating Positive Relationships
  • Growing Our Self-Awareness
  • Communication Basics
  • Communication Barriers
  • Asking Questions
  • Listening Skills 

Intended Audience: Public sector employees