Understanding People Through Strengths

Course Code: 01-03-E056

By understanding our differences and recognizing the strength of everyone on a team, organizations have an opportunity to build relationships grounded in trust and collaboration. This training seeks to help people understand not only their own strengths but also those of others with which they may differ. With this knowledge, individuals are more empowered to contribute positively towards achieving shared goals within their organization - uniting all members as valued contributors whose contributions lead towards a unified vision for success. Ultimately it's through this appreciation for differences that meaningful relationships are built between teams and lasting impacts made on organizations.

This course is based on the Thomas Concept that all people have a creative core at the center of their person. Creativity comes from the interaction of two polar opposite strengths – two strengths that are positive in them and are equal. The Thomas Concept theory defines personality as the “total person” – the results of four fundamental forces at work in our lives: our pattern of core strengths, our innate capacities, our environment, and our personal choices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This class uses a Strengths Inventory Instrument that is sent to the participants two weeks prior to the start date of the class. Because of this Inventory there cannot be any substitutions after the cancel date. Anyone cancelling after the cancel date will be charged for the class – no exceptions. No one can be registered for the class after the cancellation date.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Discover your core strengths
  • Learn how to use your strengths creatively and identify your personal tendencies in relationships
  • Develop methods to strengthen and improve your communications and relationships with others.

Competencies covered in this course: Communication Effectiveness

Intended Audience: Public sector employees