Mediation Tools and Skills

Course Code: 01-14-EM01

Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes between two people, teams, or groups. It can be used in both union and non-union organizations to help parties come to an agreement and resolve their issues. Mediation is conducted by a mediator who works to assist the parties in resolving their issue or problem. 

This interactive workshop provides mediators with the tools and skills needed to be successful in conducting a mediation process. Managers, human resource specialists, and other workplace professionals who are responsible for conducting mediation processes will benefit from this workshop. It covers all aspects of mediation, including how to effectively facilitate conversations, how to listen actively, and how to create an environment that encourages productive dialogue. Participants will also learn how to identify potential solutions and how to help the parties reach an agreement.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Understand the mediation or dispute process and the role of the mediator.
  • Learn how to create the best environment for the mediation process including: 
    • How to establish an open, safe, and constructive environment where all parties can fully explore the problem and address concerns that might not otherwise be considered. 
    • How to establish an appropriate physical environment that is most conducive to a positive outcome. 
    • Understanding the importance of maintaining confidentiality. 
    • How to effectively close a dispute resolution discussion and the mediation process.  
  • Learn ways to use active listening and effective questioning skills to help you hear what is really being said. 
  • Learn strategies for communicating non-defensively, including how to manage emotions and deal effectively with others’ defensiveness.
  • Learn how to clarify issues, needs, and interests and how to frame the problem to be resolved.
  • Learn how to identify potential options and how reach understanding and agreement.
  • Practice mediating a variety of situations in a supportive environment.
  • Discuss how to apply the workshop strategies in the workplace.       

Expected outcomes or results:  

  • Increased ability to resolve workplace issues between individuals or among team members.
  • Increased ability to identify, clarify, and talk about concerns and issues in a dispute and to constructively address them.
  • Enhanced skills and tools for mediators working with individuals or groups in dispute situations. 

Intended Audience: Leaders, Managers, Public sector employees