Personal & Professional Development

How to Create a Vibrant Workplace and Rise Above a Toxic One

Course Code: 2400

This course is a stand-alone training or in conjunction with Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Training. It is designed to assist leaders and trainers to overcome obstacles in implementing authentic appreciation among their work groups. This training seeks to help work groups create a workplace that is people centric, vibrant and engaging and overcoming the barriers to building a culture of appreciation. 

Learning performance objectives:

  • Understand how workplace can become unhealthy and toxic. 
  • Learn strategies to overcome obstacles in the workplace and in work groups. 
  • Learn that when staff feel appreciated resistance to change diminishes and creates energy for change.

Competencies Covered: What authentic appreciation is. What is a vibrant work place and what is a toxic one. What are obstacles in the work place to a vibrant work place. 

Intended Audience: Public sector supervisors, managers, directors.