Information Technology

Writing for the Web

Course Code: 01-03-EW44

In this very practical, hands-on, interactive course, learn to write website content in plain talk to help your visitors get the information they need, quickly. Learn to think about your website as a place for a conversation with a busy person who is trying to find information or complete a task. You will practice focusing your content on your site visitors' needs, organizing content so it is easy to skim and scan, and putting the key message first.

Topics we cover

Set the context for using the web, planning website pages

What do users want from web sites? How do people use the web?

Focus on your site visitors' needs

Give people only what they need – in as few words as possible. Do not expect people to read every word. Identify your key messages and your site visitors' questions.

Breaking up and organizing content

Think “information” or “topics,” not documents or books. Write in 'inverted pyramid' style. Break up the text, even more than on paper. Include lots of meaningful headings.

Tuning up your links and sentences

Understand how people interpret what you write. Skip the jargon and acronym to write clearly for your site visitors.

Using lists, tables, and graphics

Meet users’ expectations for visual formats. Think 'table' for helping people to grab data. Learn to use images and infographics appropriately.

Learning objectives

  • Understand people’s contexts as they use the web.
  • Select content appropriately for your web users.
  • Learn to break up, organize, outline, and write headings for content.
  • Write the content in conversational style.
  • Use lists and tables and graphics in appropriate ways.
  • Write for digital accessibility.

Competencies covered in this class:Written Communication

Who should come: Employees whose job includes writing for their agency website, intranet, or digital properties.