Facilitation & Presentation

Facilitating with Ease

Course Code: 2381

Facilitating with Ease is designed to prepare the employee to lead and facilitate engaging, informative meetings, workshops, and training with ease and inclusion.   

This learning material can be leveraged for small groups, large audiences, and virtual meetings.

We will walk you through exercises that build your facilitation confidence by providing the tools necessary to keep an audience engaged and participative. This training leverages adult learning techniques that will ensure your topic is easily grasped and retained. Facilitation can be fun while challenging you to learn new learning styles.  


Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  •  Create a facilitation process that can be used as a tool for skill development.
  • Understand the agency culture, needs of the organization, and how you help the team connect to the solutions. 
  • Incorporate impactful communication skills into your everyday facilitation. 
  • Create a positive learning environment for your meetings, so everyone wants to attend, listen, and engage. 
  • Lean into the art of storytelling as a tool.       

 Competencies Covered: communication, Influence, impactful work, employee development, confidence building.  


 Intended Audience: All employees who want to improve their communication, or lead meetings.