Leadership Command Presence I: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially

Course Code: 2259

Leadership Command Presence I: Building Acceptance & Credibility while Communicating Influentially (2 Day)


Leadership Command Presence is learnable. It’s a magnetism, a power, the ability to influence,

credibility given to ones’ words and actions, and the ability to get people to feel a personal connection

with you. No one is born a leader. Leadership Presence is best learned through modeling leaders who

have an exceptional presence.

A person with leadership presence can captivate people to listen when they speak. Their

recommendations are given consideration because this leader can get people to trust them

and believe in them. Presence gets people to feel like a partner when working with you and gives

credibility and likeability to you and your role.

Part of presence is being inspiring, composed, credible, influential, self-confident, and a good

communicator—yet there’s much more. During this program participants will refine their “Presence” to

more rapidly build their credibility, they will learn skills of persuasiveness, they will know how to deepen

the interpersonal connection with others and they will become better at skillfully managing conflicts.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

·       Learn to apply nine core traits of Leadership Command Presence

·       Learn the Convincer Strategy for greater charisma and persuasiveness

·       Learn how to connect positively with anyone

·       Learn strategies that persuade reluctant individuals to act

·       Learn how to get others to expand their comfort zones

·       Learn how to grow a climate and culture that engenders loyalty, connection, and follow-through

·       Improve your verbal and nonverbal ability to make an immediate impact

·       Use brain technology to fine-focus your attention and improve your memory

·       Learn the Champions Formula of performance development by Dr. Iverson during his work with US Olympic Team members

·       Learn how to rapidly gain acceptance and build your credibility with anyone.

Competencies Covered:

Trust in your team; building team member capability; application of Situational Leadership concepts; interpersonal communication; building trust; producing results