Technical Writing: Proofreading Techniques

Course Code: 01-03-EW60

This course teaches you key proofreading concepts for every form of technical writing including reports and manuals. This course supports Plain Talk principles.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Proofread for major and minor grammatical errors to include pronouns, subject-verb agreement, parallel structure, phrases, modifiers, references, and double negatives.
  • Proofread for commonly broken grammar rules to ensure clarity and reading ease.
  • Proofread for proper word choices.
  • Proofread for correct punctuation usage for the ampersand, brackets, bullets, colons, commas, dashes, diagonals, ellipsis, hyphens, parentheses, and semicolons.
  • Proofread for accurate plural spelling and dealing with abbreviations.
  • Proofread for issues related to regulations and legal documents.
  • Proofread for software, revision, textual, and non-text errors.

Intended Audience: Anyone who proofreads technical documents.