Leading an Inspired Workforce Part I: Empowering Supervision

Course Code: 2284

Micromanagement can lead to negative consequences such as anger and lack of interest among employees. Additionally, it can negatively impact morale and productivity and even leads to manager burnout. This behavior often stems from experienced supervisors having a desire to ensure that work is done in a specific manner, as they believe alternative approaches would result in chaos. However, it is possible to maintain control without exerting excessive control.

This workshop equips you with valuable skills to empower your staff while ensuring work quality. By giving employees more authority and autonomy, you can motivate your team members to be more enthusiastic, confident, and self-reliant. As a result, work is performed more effectively.

Performance Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the negative consequences of not empowering your employees.
  • Delegate by defining results.
  • Identify the four levels of authority and how to move employees up the scale.
  • Avoid reverse delegation.
  • Use powerful questions to coach your team members.
  • Help your team learn from experience.

Intended Audience: Leaders, managers, and supervisors. This class is particularly important for those who face disgruntled or resistant employees and those who feel overwhelmed by their workloads. It is also a valuable course for mid-level managers who want their direct reports to become more capable supervisors.